Open House Sunday, 2-4pm!

3808 Green Ridge Ct. #302
Fairfax, VA 22033
2 bed/ 2bath Condo with LOFT Open Sunday 3/15 from 2-4pm!

Special incentives for buyer - call/text 571-494-1245 or email Buyers Agent to check on buyer incentives and schedule your private showing.

12:45 Team Success Stories - Not all agents are equal

12:45 Team Success Stories - Not all agents are equal
It was August 2014 when Nancy first contacted the 12:45 Team. Nancy had retired and moved down to North Carolina earlier in the year. She was enjoying her new life, but still had some unfinished business to attend to with the sale of her condo. Nancy owned a 3bd unit in a community that the 12:45 Team has sold multiple properties in before. She initially hired a discount broker and quickly realized that she was paying for discount services soon after signing their agreement. The agent barely communicated with Nancy and the few pictures used to advertise the property to potential buyers were poorly lit and taken from listings more than a few years old. This arrangement wasn't going to work. Even worse, the agent failed to properly market some of the home's main features and biggest selling points in this highly desired community. Nancy was frustrated and couldn't wait for their agreement to expire so that she could hire a professional. After almost six months on the market without any offers, Nancy hired the 12:45 Team!
The 12:45 Team took over at the beginning of October 2014 and helped Nancy through every step needed to prepare her home for the market so that she could continue enjoying her retirement. The 12:45 Team arranged to have a trustworthy handyman fix a few issues in the home so that Nancy didn't have to travel to Virginia. The property was then professionally staged and photographed in order to bring out the home's best highlights with the brightest, most appealing photos you could ask for when selling your home. The 12:45 Team aggressively searched for buyers, holding an open house within the first two weeks of it being on the market and garnering a lot of interest. Not long after being placed on the market, the 12:45 Team was in negotiations with a buyer who loved this home!
The 12:45 Team helped Nancy through another small hiccup when it came time for the appraisal. The buyer went through all of the normal contingencies, including the home inspection and financing, but Nancy's property was the highest priced property the community had ever seen! An unseasoned appraiser wanted to appraise the home $15k lower than our asking price since there were no recent sales to justify the price, but the 12:45 Team was able to convince the appraiser to come up in their valuation by showcasing the home's main selling points. The appraiser agreed with the our evaluation and brought their valuation up within $5k of the sales price. Nancy decided to let the buyer walk instead of coming down another $5k, but the 12:45 Team knew that it would only be a matter of time before we found another buyer since we had generated so much interest. Shortly after, the 12:45 Team found another buyer for Nancy and this time negotiated to remove the appraisal contingency, guaranteeing Nancy's sale at no additional expense.  Nancy was thrilled to work with the 12:45 Team and wished she found them sooner.