What Is Going On In The Penderbrook Home Sale Market

For Sellers:

If you are priced right, you will have multiple offers and will sell your home very quickly.

Just look at the numbers on our website. There are consistently over 15 homes under contract each week ! And then there are usually a few new sales each week. Latest numbers were 8 sales in the last 30 days.

The numbers dont lie.

Penderbrook is a great community for first time home buyers and that is why there is soo much activity here.

There is also very few bank owned situations here which is helping fuel alot of regular sales in the community. The 8 sales in the past 30 days are all regular sales. That is unheard of in the Northern Virginia area.

Contact us today to see how we can sell your home fast for the highest amount possible.

For Buyers:

It can be a very frustrating time for buyers right now. There is very little on the market right now and multiple offers on almost every home. You need a good agent that is going to negotiate for you and you need to be very flexible. Once a home that matches your criteria comes on the market, you need to get out there, THAT DAY!

You can still find great homes in this market but you need to be patient and willing to offer over list price. Most homes are selling for more than what they are listed.

Interest rates are still very good and the 8,000 tax credit is only available for 3 more months.

Contact us today so that we can help you reach your goals