Bank of America BOA Short Sale - Penderbrook Square 3918 Penderview Drive Fairfax

3918 Penderview Drive, Fairfax, VA 22033  -  Penderbrook Square - 1 bedroom condo. $143,000

We just got this short sale under contract in 2 days!!

Whats next? This process takes 60-90 days.
-BOA receives our entire short sale packet and hardship letter
-BOA assigns a negotiator
-BOA orders an appraisal
-We start negotiating price and deficiency waiver for the seller
-BOA accepts and sends to management, investors, mortgage insurance for approval.
-BOA sends an approval letter stating we can close and the seller is forgiven
We will have more updates on this short sale as it moves along.  We expect this to be approved, the seller forgiven, and closed before the end of November!

Quick Facts

Hardship: To Much Debt, Loss of renter, Upside Down on the mortgage

If you have any questions concerning BOA Bank of America Short Sales Contact Us. We have a proven record with BOA Bank of America (Preforeclosure) Short Sales. We can help you with BOA Bank of America Short Sale in Virginia & Maryland.